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Post Secondary Education Award

This is an annual award coordinated by the Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA) and is only available to public school students. Up to five awards are given annually.

The Award or Awards are given to Year 12 students to assist them in continuing their education at a tertiary institution, for example, University or Technical and Further Education. Secondary Principals are contacted by WASSEA asked to nominate worthy candidates for whom the award would make a difference to the student’s chances of tertiary success. A panel of Principals and Deputy Principals then select the five most worthy candidates and sends these applications to the Sangora Education Foundation Board who determine who will be given a grant.


  1. 2020

    Bella Trease

    Maya El Dannaoui

    Paris Wong

    Piper Metcalfe

  2. 2019

    Jocelyn Yao

    Mikayla Phillips

    Mobaraka Mirzaie

    Yasmyn Hayley

  3. 2018

    Aaron Ramilo

    Jasmine Stone

    Louis Page

    Mina Rezaee

    Naomi Coelho

    Shavani Ralm

  4. 2017

    Brandon Ferrier

    Brandy Hart

    Brittney Dewar

    Christine Esguerra

    Jessica Hoppe

    Karelle Crofts-Hargreaves

  5. 2016

    Adrian Lambianou

    Ashlee Scaini

    Cecilia Moore-Price

    Jorja Ugle-Labruyere

    Nadia Wichmann

  6. 2015

    Annalise Webster

    Arian Cook

    Fatu Koroma

    Fiona Fenner

    Traye Newman

  7. 2014

    Ehitu Ghebru

    Jacob Patrick

    Jayden Hamersley

    Kienan Borges

    Tiesha O'Brien

  8. 2012

    Brian Shih

    Emma Bringdal

    Jack Gerace

    Joshua Crofton

    Lilly Backshell

    Rebecca Barach

  9. 2011

    Laheri Nibigira

    Meg Jenkins

    Millicent Crane

    Xuan Michelle Hsieh

    Yvette Nizigiyihana

  10. 2010

    Kayla Cuffe

    Kieran Clayton-Dodd

    Kirsten Torre-Fuqua

    Tyler Nicholls

  11. 2009

    Brenton Panzich

    Brittany Needs

    Milka Risteska

    Richard Bentley-Moyse

    Sharna Epis

    Tamalee Henson

  12. 2008

    Adam Vilaca

    Tegan Wilson

  13. 2007

    Katie McLaren

    Sallyann Cope

    Sarah Ramsay

    Soe Oo Khin

    Zoe Ryan

  14. 2006

    Lucy Hrang Hluan

    Rosemarie Dharani

    Susan Sutherlin

  15. 2005

    Matt Moore

  16. 2004

    Emma Adams

  17. 2003

    Aleisha Foude

    Elice Kastropil

    Paton Vuong

  18. 2002

    Danica Menegola

    Diana Lopez

    Kathleen Booth

    Korene Dusting

    Nicole Lemos

  19. 2001

    Ebony Donohoe

    Jodie Lenson

    Nicole Watson-Bates

    Silver Ash Kenny

  20. 2000

    Jade Kulesza

    Sharon Ecclestone

    Tracy Hong

  21. 1999

    Blagoja Koloski

    Dalila Jardim

    Elizabea Mathews

    Seremonde Hobby

  22. 1998

    Angela Robinson

  23. 1997

    Amanda Lyon

    Jodie Adenan

    Kathleen Pomery

    Melody Williams

    Roshelle Curtis

  24. 1996

    Eboney Doherty

    Jacqui McCahon

    Jemma Myers

    Jennifer Markich

    Natasha Mills

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