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School Grants

The Sangora Education Foundation provides grants to schools teaching languages other than English.

Special Grants

  1. W.A. Business Studies Summer School

    WA Business Studies Summer School provides an opportunity for the business leaders of the day to mix with those of tomorrow. During a five day intensive residential program, senior high school students interact with the leaders of the business community. They learn about business, how it works, the role of business in society and the opportunities for a career in business.

    A grant from Sangora Education Foundation provided sponsorship for students to attend the WA Business Studies Summer School.

  2. Country Artists in Residence Programme

    The Visual Arts Foundation of Western Australia is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and enrichment of art education, on all levels in Western Australia. One of many of their art education programs included the Artist in Residence Program. Artists from the community are sent into schools to meet a particular need or request from art teachers within these schools.

    Sangora Education Foundation contributed funding towards the Country School Artist in Residence Program. Financial assistance from Sangora Education Foundation made it possible for this successful program to be accessed by disadvantaged country schools.

  3. Ribbons of Blue Project

    Ribbons of Blue is a school program that provides teachers and students with practical, hands-on learning experiences focussing on the sustainability of local waterways, wetlands and their ecosystems.

    Ribbons of Blue was part of a joint venture between the Waterways Commission, Armadale Education District schools and the local council to engage students in caring for their local waterways. The Ribbons of Blue project ran for three years. During this period, students were required to monitor the water quality, in particular the Canning and Serpentine Rivers.

    A grant from Sangora Education Foundation funded the purchase of a Pallin Kit - a water testing kit. In addition to increasing the students’ knowledge of environmental issues, data collected during this project was used at national, state and local level for future decisions about the care of our waterways.

  4. ACICIS - Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies

    The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) was established in 1994 to provide a mechanism through which Australian students can undertake studies in Indonesia. ACICIS is a non-profit consortium of universities that develops and coordinates high quality, in-country study options in Indonesia.

    In-Country study provides an opportunity to put academic study of Indonesian into practice by learning Indonesian language in its lived context, through field projects, and by undertaking Indonesian-run academic programs.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided financial assistance which enabled ACICIS to hold a special round-table strategy meeting of its national policy body, the Reference Group. An outcome of the Reference Group meeting was the pursuit of a rigorous program of student recruitment and promotion.

  5. Teen Challenge - W.A. Foundation

    Teen Challenge was established in 1985. It includes many facilities and one of WA’s largest youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation and training centres.

    Sangora Education Foundation funded the costs to run TAFE Computer Education Courses for young men and women to enable these students in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to work towards receiving their Computer Qualification Certificate whilst at the rehabilitation centre. By training young people in the rehabilitation program in computer use, it helped to prepare them for the workforce.

  6. Active Foundation - Behaviour Support Staff Training

    The Active Foundation was established in 1951. It is a family–based not-for profit organisation which provides a range of support services to people with disabilities enabling them and their families to pursue a better life.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to assist with funding the cost of Active Foundations Behaviour Management Training Program. The training package developed by Active around the philosophy of positive behavioural support provides staff with strategies to enhance the quality of service delivery.

  7. Warnbro Community High School - International Environment Summit

    The 21st Century International Schoolhouse began as a teacher-initiated classroom project. The project was designed to integrate curriculum in a way that students could apply newly acquired knowledge to promote community development through global collaboration. By incorporating technology and the tools of the Internet, an Interactive Schoolhouse was created as a venue for communication, collaboration and problem-solving. In the past, schools in the International Schoolhouse have focused on a variety of environmental themes. Students conducted research, completed several projects, and participated in their own International Youth Environmental Summit in Salem, Oregon in 1997. At the summit, students from each of the participating nations worked together to draft a Declaration of Environmental Rights and Responsibilities. In October 1999, participating schools met again in Perth for the second International Youth Environment Summit.

    Warnbro Community High School hosted the Youth Environment Summit in Perth, WA.

    A Grant from Sangora Education Foundation awarded to Warnbro Community High School contributed to the funding required to host the summit, 21st Century Schoolhouse Project. It brought together over two hundred students representing six schools from six continents to meet and legislate the second world youth environmental charter titled “Sustaining Our Future Through Action”.

  8. One World Centre - Discovery Box on Burma

    The One World Centre is a global education centre with a particular focus on providing resources and professional learning for teachers on global issues.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant that helped to fund the development of the Discovery Box on Burma. The purpose of a Discovery Box is to build understanding among students of how people in different countries live with a focus on everyday life in that country as well as cultural issues. The resources are designed to increase understanding of both similarities and differences in culture and life between Australia and developing nations.

  9. Star - Peer Tutoring Programme

    The STAR Peer Tutoring Programme engages Murdoch University students in volunteering as peer tutors in school classes across a wide range of learning areas in schools. Peer tutors act as positive role models and academic support to students in the school via one-to-one assistance, group work, revision, experiments, cultural activities and more.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to support the Language Peer Tutoring Program and cultivate greater interest and awareness of Asian language and culture among our youth. STAR used the funding to train, assign and support teams of student volunteers who became peer tutors and mentors to students of Asian language and culture in primary and secondary schools.

  10. UnitingCare West - School Community Learning Project

    UnitingCare West is a not-for-profit community services organisation. It provides a diverse range of holistic programs and services which support, serve and empower West Australian people most in need. It is committed to creating justice, hope and opportunity for all. Programs span the areas of community and family services, disabilities and youth, mental health, independent living and accommodation services. UnitingCare West also offer a range of free and confidential specialist services in the areas of substance misuse, teenage parenthood, sexual diversity and community safety and crime.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to UnitingCare West to support a pilot project to contribute to the education of young people about types of social disadvantage existing in our community and encourage in them a culture of community values and service. Funding from the Grant was used to enable UnitingCare West to trial and evaluate the effectiveness of an information booklet in increasing the integration of community learning across classroom curriculum and enhancing the links between schools and about social needs in our local community.

  11. Beechboro Primary School - Teaching of Indonesian

    Beechboro Primary School has been running an Indonesian Language Program since 2005. During this time it has opened its doors to education officials and principals from a variety of Indonesian Provinces to further develop their knowledge in management of schools and education programs.

    Sangora Education Foundation donated funding to go towards the purchase of an interactive whiteboard for the Indonesian Language Room. This educational initiative created the opportunity for students to develop their understanding of a language and culture other than their own through online interaction with the rest of the world. Students have access to relevant resources from the internet to enhance their language learning experience.

  12. Madjitil Moorna - Halls Creek Project

    Madjitil Moorna is a group of indigenous and non-indigenous people who sing in indigenous language and English to build understanding. Songs are a mix of traditional and contemporary. Madjitil Moorna began as a community arts project of Kalamunda’s Zig Zag Community Arts Inc in 2006. It’s now an independent choir performing at festivals, schools, civic, corporate and private events.

    Sangora Education Foundation donated funds to Madjitil Moorna to help finance a trip to Halls Creek. Twenty nine members of the team from Madjitil Moorna brought a wide variety of skills and interests which were shared with kids in and out of school hours, leading to a community concert at the end of week. A film-maker travelled with Madjitil Moorna and together they produced the documentary Harmony in Halls Creek.

  13. Pathways Foundation - Mobile Kitchen

    The Pathways Foundation is a National harm prevention charity that assists young people to make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a young adult.

    The Pathways Foundation run a series of award winning and independent research supported contemporary rites of passage programs designed to motivate the young men and women of Australia to be inspired about their future and help them avoid the dangers of drugs, depression and unnecessary risk taking behaviour, to not only change their lives, but to also have a huge effect on our society in the future.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to fund a mobile camp kitchen. The provision of a mobile camp kitchen assisted to significantly increase the Pathways WA regions capacity to run effective, efficient programs and to a higher frequency. Programs such as the Pathways Rites of Passage help change families so they can look forward to a better future.

  14. Plan International - Bangladesh

    Plan-International supports activities that benefit children and families in developing countries. Plan–Bangladesh has been operating since 1994, helping poor children to access their rights to health, education, economic security and protection.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to support Plan’s Global Connections Program – Bangladesh. The project has an emphasis on vocational training for young people in Bangladesh, utilising the opportunity for skills building in digital and online media.

  15. Leschenault - Public Schools Alliance - Japanese

    Sangora Education Foundation approved a Grant to support the The Leschenault Alliance of Public Schools: Japanese Project. The project was established to develop a strong link between Primary School and High School Japanese teaching and learning programmes. To enhance the quality of Japanese teaching, eight Japanese teachers from the Kingston Primary School Cluster, conducted “shadowing a colleague” professional learning programme.

  16. P.I.N - Planned Individual Network

    Planned Individual Networks (PiN) is a not-for-profit organization created by families to help support families plan and create a fulfilling future for their relative with a disability. PiN is a unique, family led organisation operating in Perth, WA.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to PiN to assist families with a disabled member to attend the Safe and Secure Workshops. Families learn how to build safe and secure futures for their sons and daughters through planning and support from PiN.

  17. HALO - Leadership Development Agency

    HALO is a non-profit incorporated career and personal leadership development agency advancing Hopes, Aspirations and Leadership Opportunities. Using a unique peer mentoring model the agency listens to the needs of Aboriginal young people and their families, provides advocacy, programmes and networking opportunities that enable individuals to discover who they are, design their own futures and make a difference in their communities.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to fund a peer mentoring project. The donation was used to co-ordinate and develop a unique community services  youth and peer mentoring training package to give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to complete a formal qualification and the opportunity to gain access into further education and training programs. Additional funding enabled HALO participants to build on their cultural performances and public speaking engagements. The financial support provided the opportunity for the group to develop and deliver more professional and polished interactive workshops to schools and community groups.

  18. Neerigen Brook Primary School - Community Training

    Neerigan Brook Primary School is an Independent Primary school which caters for the culturally diverse needs of children from surrounding catchments. The school is populated with students from over 15 different backgrounds. Almost 20% of the students are indigenous. In 2011 the school developed plans to establish a Community Teaching Kitchen and Restaurant to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through education, participation and commitment.

    Sangora Education Foundation contributed a Grant to assist in the establishment of the Community Teaching Kitchen and Restaurant. This special project was seen to have the potential for the school and local community to develop further partnerships and establish sustainable programs for the future of the children and families at Neerigan Brook Primary School.

  19. Kanya Mulia School for Deaf Children - Surabaya

    Patricia O'Sullivan Humanitarian Project was founded in 1990 by early childhood expert and humanitarian Dame Patricia O'Sullivan and has been involved in supporting the Karya Mulia School for Deaf Children in Surabaya for over twenty years, to improve services for children with hearing disabilities in East Java. It is the only school in East Java that caters for the needs of children who are deaf.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to assist the humanitarian project in WA’s Sister State Surabaya. The contribution funded the training of audiologists and assisted with the cost of financing visits by volunteer speech therapists, nurses and audiologists from Western Australia to Karya Mulia School for Deaf Children.

  20. Carmel School Education Foundation

    The aim of the Carmel School Education Foundation is to raise funds for Jewish Education at Carmel School. In particular, the Foundation seeks to support educational programmes specific to the need of children enrolled in a Jewish Day School. As the Foundation grows the earnings generated will be used to support Education for all families at Carmel School.

    Sangora Education Foundation awarded a Grant to support the development of the Carmel School Jewish Education Foundation.

  21. Mekarsari School Library - Bali

    The Swan Valley Rotary Club works in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Bali-Denpasar to support the Bali School Kids Project.

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a Grant to support the joint charitable project to build and equip the library at SD 3 Mekarsari School.

  22. Ailalec Primary Scool Project - East Timor

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a grant to support the students of this school through the Across the Timor Sea project.

  23. Kesiman 11 Primary School, Bali

    Sangora Education Foundation provided a grant to provide library facilities to this school through Rotary Australia World Community Service.

  24. Stellar Children's Project, Cambodia

    A grant was provided to support education for children and community development in Andong, Cambodia.

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